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A Look at the Best Tennis Balls of 2017

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Do you know which the best tennis balls in the market are? Like many people, you’ve never thought about it. While they may all look similar in size, color, shape, and quality, not every ball will suit you right. It may be a bit rigid or too soft, bounces too high or too low, or may be suitable for a grass court and not on a hard surface. Also, the ball may be suited for a beginner but not suitable for professionals. Truth is that the kind of ball you choose will influence your game play. Choose the wrong type and you may lose to a less experienced player. Before buying a product, you need to first ensure that it is the best and this entails looking at the brand, individual skill, court type, and type of ball among other issues.

What to Look For In a Tennis Ball

When choosing a ball for tennis, you should look at the following aspects:

– Size: A good tennis ball has a diameter of between 6.36 and 6.67 millimeters.
– Weight: The recommended weight of a tennis ball is between 56.7 and 58.5 grams.
– Color: Tennis balls are normally bright yellow. This is because this color is the easiest to see by both players and audience on most court surfaces.
– Ball Type: Gas filled types are normally suited for beginners while pressurized types are fit for experienced players or competitive tennis. Pressureless balls are designed for practice and not for league matches.
– Altitude: The speed and bounce of the ball are affected by the altitude. A pressurized ball bounces higher and moves faster in higher altitudes.
– Experience: Beginners or learners require a ball that doesn’t move too fast or bounce too high while seasoned players can handle faster balls.
– Brand reputation: it’s recommended to only go for balls from well-known and respected brands. Such firms will have been in the market for a long time and associations and bodies such as International Tennis Federation (ITF) have approved their products.
– Area of Play: Tennis balls are manufactured for recreational, professional, or Championship level. Recreational types are pretty basic, championship is more advanced while professional level is the highest quality.
– Court Type: the harder the court surface the sturdier the ball. Hard surfaces such as clay or frequent play need a heavy-duty ball while a softer type is okay for regular tennis or soft surfaces like grass.

Why Do You Need The Best?

Choosing the right tennis ball comes with the following benefits:

– Improved coordination and control
– Minimizes fatigue or injury at the court
– Shortens the learning curve
– Increases the chances of winning
– Improves the maximum satisfaction

Top Tennis Ball Brands

Over time, different brands and manufacturers have surfaced. Like other items, not every product will deliver the desired service. Some will be perfect while others leave a lot to be desired.

The following are the top 5 brands:

1. Dunlop: For more than 80 years, Dunlop has been manufacturing tennis balls known for their high bounce, longevity, and good pressure. Notable types include Grand Prix Har-Tru, Fort Roland Garros, Fort Max TP and Tour Brilliance.
2. Penn: This brand is best known for producing professional balls with a good bounce. They are mostly used on clay and hard courts.
3. Wilson: This brand is synonymous with major tournaments and is respected for delivering extra-duty balls that deliver lots of bounce. The Wilson Double Core is one of the brand’s best.
4. Slazenger: This manufacturer is not just known for racquets but also tennis balls as well. The Slazenger Tour Core is a top seller and is famed for its high-performance and sharp response.
5. Gamma: balls from this brand are revered for their great flight, good spin response, bounce, and affordability.


While it may look like a basic and simple accessory, the tennis ball plays a critical role. It influences whether you win or lose a game, how fast you learn the sport and your coordination at the court. Prior to buying a ball, you need to ensure it has the right size and weight, comes with an easy to see light yellow color, has a good bounce and is suitable for your attitude. It’s also important to focus on the ball type, court type, individual skills and experience, and brand reputation. In addition to having a good experience, the best tennis balls also deliver maximum satisfaction. After reading this overview, if you still aren’t satisfied then we recommend heading over to Tennis Racquet Central and reading their tennis ball review, which is extremely detailed.