Do You Even Lift?

Rules You Should Follow If You’re A Weight-Lifting Beginner


It’s important for those who are new to weight-lifting and dealing with the fatigue, soreness, and doubt that often come with this new workout to remember that it’ll start to feel easier over time.”Most of our clients find that with each training session, they’re able to increase their mind-body connection, which ultimately leads to more stability and coordination,” “The lifts will eventually feel more natural, and you’ll also start to feel more confident in your form.” If after a few sessions you’re still feeling intimidated, consider hiring a personal trainer, she suggests, who can help you master the fundamentals so you can more easily train on your own.

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No matter how much progress you’re making in the weight room, you’ll sabotage your efforts if you aren’t following a healthy eating plan.  “The person who consumes a whole-foods diet and stays active will have a better body than the person who trains all day but eats processed and junk foods. When you’re lifting weights, you’ll want to be sure you are consuming enough protein (which helps build muscle), as well as healthy fats and carbohydrates (which keep you energized, satiated, and also help you recover from your workouts). “Good nutrition and training are essential for your health and strength,”

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